“In today’s fast paced society, we tend to take for granted those who go out of their way for someone else. We seem to take and go and not recognize those that are making a difference in our lives. With that being mentioned, I would like to recognize the efforts and support of Mr. Kurt Buehlmaier and the difference he is making with No Regrets Consulting. I first met Kurt about ten years ago while in high school as he was my guidance counselor. He not once had his door shut. His door was and will always be open to advise and motivate anyone at any time. When I graduated, Kurt’s job of being a guidance counselor did not end as he continued to be a part of my life moving forward. Kurt’s knowledge, support and motivation has brought me to having the career of my dreams of being a Restaurateur. Without hesitation, I highly recommend No Regrets Consulting!”

Matthew Tyahla-MST Enterprises, LLC, (Matthew’s Italian Restaurant)

ppd“I have dealt with Kurt Buehlmaier and No Regrets Consulting in an effort to jump start my business. During this time Kurt has provided my business with excellent support and helped establish a vision for my company. Kurt’s work has been a major factor in my business’s success, helping me to become a full-time artist. The business improvement plan that he put together for me was a valuable tool that helped me to remain focused, organized, and motivated towards achieving my career goals. I can confidently recommend Kurt Buehlmaier as a solid and reliable resource to help get your career going in the right direction. I can happily report that I am on my way to career bliss; something I’ve been searching for a very long time.”

David DeMaio-Graphic Designer at Oshkosh & Owner at The Mayo Jar LLC.

talwar“Kurt Buehlmaier was the most genuine instructor I’ve ever had as well as the most inspirational and influential one. He helped me notice the wrong in the world and inspired me to change it.”

Kamna Talwar-Product Marketing Assoc., Appian

wolak“I think that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Kurt. He became a trusted friend and great mentor as he guided me to living my passion. Kurt has a very inspirational and positive attitude which makes it very easy to receive help from him. I recommend Kurt for any consulting needs.”

Aaron A. Wolak USAF

dacey“Kurt has a way of making everyone feel appreciated making you want to try harder so that do not let him down because he gave so much for you. He is honestly one of the most influential people I have met in my life to date and I would be surprised if I meet others like him going forward. He recognizes potential, uses his skills and his personality to help you attain your goals and become successful in whatever it is that you may be doing.”

Sean Dacey-Wealth Advisor, Vintage West Capital Management

“Kurt told me that I was capable of anything I put my mind to, and that I must find and chase my dreams with all the passion and energy I had. He encouraged my relationships and challenged me to make sure I was doing what I wanted to do. I am constantly encouraged by that memory as I now go through life, following his instruction and pursuing my goals.”

Hannah Scheren-Director of Operations at Matador Solutions

zook“Kurt Buehlmaier is a man with outstanding character. What I always found most is that he is never baffled by any situation. He can always talk out a problem and come up with an intelligent solution. I have a ton of respect for Mr. Buehlmaier and I think his abilities are extremely valuable to people as well as businesses.”

Derek Zook-Financial Rep., T. Rowe Price

Kurt Buehlmaier connects to you on a level that reaches into your academic and personal core. If you ever have the opportunity to get to know this amazing individual, it’s something you will not want to miss!

Courtney Treon Radford University ’13


“Kurt is an awesome communicator and he is someone who makes people feel comfortable when talking to him about anything. He was a constant motivator during the process of my growth as a person. He knows how to create that perfect working environment for the people around him. He is a natural motivator and leader and I highly recommend him to anyone in any capacity.”

Adrian Puig-Scout, Miami Marlins

gino“Over the years, I can easily think back to the great conversations that Kurt and I have had and how excited he was me to go after something that I have always been passionate about, which was to start my own company. I can honestly thank Kurt for fueling my motivation to not settle for the easier path and to pursue a more rewarding challenge”.

Gino Ferrazzano-Marketing Manager, Topps Digital

“Kurt was always a person who had an infectious “good mood.” With his attitude toward life, coupled with his great knowledge for the game, Kurt was able to easily communicate suggestions and corrections to his players it’s the thought that someone could have such overwhelming confidence in me, and that all I needed to focus on was having fun. Kurt is one of those people who want to see you succeed more than anyone, short of maybe your parents. I like to think of Kurt as a true teammate in the game of life. Kurt is always the first to offer help when things aren’t going well, and then congratulate you when things are going well. Kurt is the kind of person whom everyone deserves to have as a friend and mentor.”

Phil Ryan Reamy-Site Activation Support Specialist (FAA Support Contractor) – ‎JMA Solutions

“Kurt always responded to my inner dialogue and knew how to help me. His positive attitude, wealth of worldly knowledge, empathetic mindset, and genuine desire to see people happy and successful are the rare qualities that set him apart from others. Kurt saw me at my best and at my worst, and when I couldn’t acknowledge my best, or push myself to want the best, he motivated me and gave me the confidence to succeed. Our open conversation about the intricacies of life has continued to this very day and I am eternally indebted to him someone who opened his mind, heart, and soul in order to reach out and help me come to an internal peace that has produced positive internal and external results—results that I might have never achieved without his guidance.”

Thomas Haener-Educator

lomaz“Kurt’s background in psychology gives him an understanding of how to better connect with people. A very important aspect in inspiration and consultation is being able to understand the mind of, and what motivates, each individual you are working with. Mr. Buehlmaier’s ability to connect to various people, in various areas of the country, in various settings (educational, business, sports, etc.) is deeply rooted in his understanding of the human mind and how to communicate with it. I can recommend Mr. Buehlmaier for consulting and motivational services without hesitation.” http://www.93entertainmentnj.com/

Artem Lomaz-Principal Event Host & Owner, Ninety Three Entertainment, LLC

ganis“It is rare that we reach out to recommend or suggest anyone, but Mr. Buehlmaier has had a positive impact on our daughter. He also continues to stay in touch with both my husband and myself as he follows our daughter’s progress. The results of Kurt coaching our daughter was a successful investment. He was able keep her focused, motivated, and organized while she took on the task, independently, of applying to the various colleges she chose with Kurt. As parents, it was a comfort to know that she was being guided by someone who is well versed in college prep. Another big piece of our results is that she was happy and confident all the while she worked with Kurt. Along with his skills as a consultant, he could help on a number of levels whether it be programs for students, programs for faculty and parents, or helping students to the next level of college prep with his experience as a former educator (administrator, teacher, and coach). We are happy to recommend him.”

Matthew & Tracey Ganis Mooresville, NC


“Kurt made me a harder-working individual in everything that I do. From the moment I met him he pushed me to reach my full potential, not only baseball but also in life. Over the years I have been lucky enough to call Kurt my mentor, my coach, and most importantly my friend. He has instilled a No Regrets Mentality that plays a key role in my everyday life. I have met many people in my life that seem to care about you only when they have a use for you, but I can stand here today and honestly say without a shard of hype that Kurt truly cares more about the people he works with than anyone else.”

Ridge B. Fuller-Virginia

“Kurt is passionate about helping people succeed. Consequently, his message is pertinent to small business owners. Beyond that, Kurt has an excellent presentation style and relates well to his audience,”

Denise W. Brown-Human Resource Director at Dorsett Technologies

“I hired Kurt Buehlmaier through No Regrets Consulting during the winter of 2009-2010. My son had much athletically and academically, but he was not reaching his full potential. I saw first-hand how Kurt was capable of igniting passion in young people and getting them to reach and sometimes exceed their potential. Kurt worked with my son on multiple occasions and gave him various amounts of guidance and skills that would enable him to accomplish his goals. He helped him with his general motivation, balancing school with baseball, weight training, and overall goal setting. I witnessed Kurt set several explicit goals for my son as well as give him the tools and a clear plan as to how to achieve those goals. Kurt’s competence and passion were immediately apparent. It was clear that Kurt’s guidance would deliver benefits academically, athletically, and in overall life planning. Kurt provided consistent feedback and motivation, and has the skills to offer a wide variety of tactics to help young people focus and achieve goals. I am fully confident that Kurt Buehlmaier has the skills to assist in the development of easy to follow life plans that open the door to the pride of accomplishment. I offer my full recommendation without reservation.”

R. Douglas Massey-Chief Financial Officer, Yakabod of Finance at Guardian 24/7


“Kurt aided me in my efforts to pursue my dream of joining the United States Air Force after college. He spent countless hours with me ensuring that my college applications were immaculate and reminded me that it was more than just good grades and impressive essays that got someone into a good college. While Kurt instilled the importance of doing well in school at all times, he guided me in a way that no one up to that point had ever done. Kurt taught me the value of being a “total package” person.  By this, I mean that Kurt opened my eyes to the fact that improving my overall worth as a person would increase my chances at success in life tremendously. He encouraged me to get involved in school organizations, such as sports teams, educational clubs, etc. to gain a more worldly knowledge as opposed to just getting good grades and not being able to do anything else. The concepts taught to me by Kurt during my time as a player helped me more in life than just in baseball. He coached me on improving not just my baseball skills, but on improving my leadership abilities and my will to accomplish goals as well. Kurt has truly been an instrumental part in my success as a human being. He instilled concepts in my life that I still use today, and have continued to bring me great success in life. I am currently a Mission Intelligence Coordinator in the United States Air Force, training to be a navigator. I can honestly say without hesitation that the concepts taught to me and the guidance given by Kurt Buehlmaier were the biggest reasons for my success and my ability to accomplish my goals thus far in my life. I will be more than happy to provide a face-to-face or phone interview at any time in reference to Kurt Buehlmaier.”

John P. Libretti IV, Captain/Flight Commander & Analysis and Production Team Lead, USAF

wallace“Kurt’s presentation about creating a vision for your business was extremely informative and applicable to any size business. He is a dynamic speaker whose knowledge and passion make for an extremely engaging event.”

Martha Larson-Small Business Center Director, Davidson County Community College, NC

jahn“I have attended Kurt Buehlmaier’s workshops one of which was at a Nonprofit Empowerment Conference that we hosted.  He is professional, informative, engaging and personable. We look forward to inviting Kurt to facilitate some of our future educational seminars.”

Julie A. Jahn Founder-CEO:JAJ Nonprofit Resource, LLC


“Kurt is an amazing speaker and I really took a lot away from his talk on Becoming a Successful Millennial Leader. His talk was exactly what I needed to get reenergized and focused. I’m feeling my purpose again!”

Morgan Mullen, MA-Research Assistant, John’s Hopkins


“It is a pleasure to recommend Kurt Buehlmaier. I worked with Kurt for three years Loudoun Valley High School, a high performing and highly regarded school in northern Virginia. At the end of my first year at LVHS, I teamed with Kurt on a project we called Advanced Placement Initiatives, or API. Working with guidance counselors and other teachers, Kurt and I culled through quite a bit of paperwork to identify students at our school who had the potential to perform well in advanced placement classes but who were not taking courses on the honor’s track and who were not otherwise performing up to their potential. Kurt went well beyond his “job description” by paying attention to these students’ scores not only in his class but in all of their classes. When report cards came out, Kurt checked each kid’s grades and, when a student was making Ds or Fs, pulled the kid aside, talked to him or her about the situation, and arranged for NHS students to tutor those in the API program who were struggling. This idea turned into a new project that Kurt initiated for the following year. In addition to the API class, Kurt created APIE, or Advanced Placements Initiatives Enrichment. He and another teacher identified some of the highest performing students and invited them to be part of the AP Psychology/AP US History team. These students became the tutors for the API students. That Kurt was able to bring together students from opposite sides of the “academic fence” is a clear testimony to his unique abilities to help anyone find success. I am a National Board Certified teacher and have been teaching since 1987, at eight schools in three states; I have also served as a district level instructional supervisor. Kurt definitely stands out as one of the most talented and passionate teachers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work so closely with Kurt and grateful for all that I learned from him in that short amount of time.”

Carolyn D. Perry, Head of Department-English, Prew Academy, Sarasota, FL


“If you are interested in creating leaders within your organization, you should definitely contact. Kurt Buehlmaier. Kurt’s passion and knowledge permeated his workshop on “Turning Management into Leadership” which he presented to a group of supervisors we have at South Piedmont Community College. These folks are going through a program designed to bolster their management skills, and this workshop contributed greatly to that end. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging speaker who is obviously very committed to creating leaders in work environments. The information he provided is extremely useful, and he made it very easy to understand how to implement particular strategies that would help our management staff as well as their subordinates.”

Lauren Castle-Human Resources Coordinator, South Piedmont Community College, NC

“I’ve had the good fortune of attending two of Kurt Buehlmaier’s seminars and would highly recommend them to anyone. Kurt has the “Three E’s” when it comes to being a presenter and motivational speaker. He is excellent, energetic and engaging! His programs and style of delivery are suitable for any workplace or business environment.”

Vu Donie-Small Business Center Director, Rockingham Community College, Wentworth, NC


“Kurt, I want to come to all of your seminars. You are an excellent teacher and I love your examples; they are very relevant. Your seminars are the BEST I’ve attended!”

Keena Darland-Manager, Give Back Boutique


“I can promise you that if you are a business owner (of any size) you can definitely benefit from working with/hearing Kurt speak. He has a tremendous level of business knowledge, is a great speaker who keeps the audience interested and energized, and his unique and innovative ideas speak to his ability to maximize workplace performance. If you are interested in improving your, and/or your employees’ performance, I would definitely recommend Kurt Buehlmaier.”

Suzanne Wallace-Small Business Center Director, Mitchell Community College, NC


“Kurt Buehlmaier is a phenomenal individual with plenty of passion and vigor life.  Kurt has deeply impacted the lives of many Millennials as they leave college. His ability to connect with young individuals and understand their capabilities is both unique and highly coveted. He treats every audience as a collection of valuable individuals; each with their own set of skills and qualities and as a result, they are deeply motivated. It truly was among the few unforgettably moving presentations held at the University of Virginia’s: Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. It is both an honor and a privilege to have worked with Kurt during our time together. I highly recommend Kurt to anyone seeking personal or professional coaching services at any level or industry.”

Bryan Kardos-Consultant at IBM


“Kurt delivered an outstanding presentation for our franchise owners. I was particularly impressed by his ability to design the presentation to the specific needs and benefit of our business owners. The feedback I received from our group regarding Kurt’s presentation was extremely positive. I believe his insight into improving their managerial, business, and people skills, will surely be a tremendous asset to them as they continue to grow their business in 2015 and beyond. I would highly recommend Kurt Buehlmaier to all businesses or agencies that would like to enhance the leadership skills of their employees.”

Mark Tamn, CP AG NCCTP-Owner: Freedom Franchises, Inc., Jacksonville, NC

“I hate talks on leadership; not sure why I signed up for this module, but this was the best class I have ever taken at a conference. I feel like I understand good leadership principles in the short time we had this class.”

Andrew Whitcomb-William H. Harvey Manufacturing Co.