Personal Coaching

Kurt offers personal coaching services to include college selection assistance and success coaching.


College selection is one of several personal coaching services offered and is a vital component in achieving personal success, growth and maximizing your potential.

Kurt provides this service to help to the entire family when dealing with the stressful and complicated process of choosing the right college and getting accepted.

The college application process is overwhelming for most people, even if your child knows exactly what they want to do and where they want to go. It gets more overwhelming if your child is still uncertain about where they want to apply, what to study, and what is needed to be accepted to the school of their choice. After completing a comprehensive evaluation process, Kurt will help craft a precise action plan to help you and your child make a confident college selection that results in success during (and more importantly) after college. He will work together through the entire process, from SAT preparation to planning for a career after college.

Success coaching programs integrate a mentoring component and are tailored to your specific needs.

Kurt is a specialist in this field and can provide references and testimonials showing success with other clients. These services are also available via webinars, video chat and instant messaging, which will make it easier to connect if distance or scheduling is an issue.


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