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picture1Kurt Buehlmaier, CEO & Founder of No Regrets Consulting, is a performance improvement coach and keynote speaker.

Kurt created No Regrets Consulting to provide coaching services aimed at helping people achieve success at the highest levels possible. Personal coaching packages include college selection and application guidance, career planning and success coaching. His professional coaching services include career guidance for young professionals, executives looking to further their careers, and professional development for employees within a corporation.

In addition to coaching individuals. Kurt provides coaching to groups as a keynote speaker on both personal and professional performance improvement topics such as College Selection, Time Management, Soft Skills, Effective Communication, Managing the Multiple Generations in the Workplace, Moral Improvement, Leadership, Onboarding, and many others. He has provided speeches across the country to large and small groups including corporations/businesses, franchises, schools, churches, local groups, etc.

Here’s a short video explaining Kurt’s business and his passion for helping people achieve their goals at the highest level possible:

Contact Kurt today for a free consultation. All coaching packages start at $100.

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Call: (502)791-KURT


“In today’s fast paced society, we tend to take for granted those who go out of their way for someone else. We seem to take and go and not recognize those that are making a difference in our lives. With that being mentioned, I would like to recognize the efforts and support of Mr. Kurt Buehlmaier and the difference he is making with No Regrets Consulting. I first met Kurt about ten years ago while in high school as he was my guidance counselor. He not once had his door shut. His door was and will always be open to advise and motivate anyone at any time. When I graduated, Kurt’s job of being a guidance counselor did not end as he continued to be a part of my life moving forward. Kurt’s knowledge, support and motivation has brought me to having the career of my dreams of being a Restaurateur. Without hesitation, I highly recommend No Regrets Consulting!”

Matthew Tyahla-MST Enterprises, LLC, (Matthew’s Italian Restaurant)

ppd“I have dealt with Kurt Buehlmaier and No Regrets Consulting in an effort to jump start my business. During this time Kurt has provided my business with excellent support and helped establish a vision for my company. Kurt’s work has been a major factor in my business’s success, helping me to become a full-time artist. The business improvement plan that he put together for me was a valuable tool that helped me to remain focused, organized, and motivated towards achieving my career goals. I can confidently recommend Kurt Buehlmaier as a solid and reliable resource to help get your career going in the right direction. I can happily report that I am on my way to career bliss; something I’ve been searching for a very long time.”

David DeMaio-Graphic Designer at Oshkosh & Owner at The Mayo Jar LLC.

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